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5 Lessons we have Learned about Men’s Skincare

Men’s Skincare is fascinating— from the high level industry projections down to the individual man deciding if washing his face in the morning is worth his time. There are so many different archetypes of clientele be it the skincare enthusiast or the three in one shampoo guy. For the past few years, we have landed on some key insights into the current state and future of men’s skincare and what this means for you as an esthetician.

What Estheticians Need to Know about Men’s Skincare

1. Men Don’t Care as much about Skin

Despite the “Men’s Skincare Industry” growing year over year (mainly due to beard care), most men do not care as much about their skin. Don’t panic. Of course some men do (myself included!), but at the mainstream level, the average man is washing his face a heck of a lot less than the average women. This is a fact. The sooner estheticians accept this, the sooner they will be able to start reaching more male clientele.

Sure, there are men that care about their skin, especially when there are severe skin issues. Who wouldn’t care about major acne breakouts, Rosacea, or Eczema? But the fine lines on the forehead or the dark circles under the eyes? To most men that is just normal skin. Estheticians, of course, know that these are signs of underlying changes in the body, which leads us to…

2. Why Men’s Skincare is Men’s Health Care

For as little that men may care about slightly dark circles or smile lines, they certainly do care about their physical health. You may be reading this thinking, but aren’t they the same thing? Isn’t your skin a direct reflection of your physical health? Couldn’t you argue that skin health is the only physical thing about health???

You are exactly correct. Men’s Skincare is directly related to their overall Health Care. Understanding this is crucial to start speaking men’s language— especially when it comes to marketing to men…

3. How Estheticians Need to Market to Men

So far we know that most men don’t care about the “little things” in skincare that most of us spend our entire days focussing on. We also know that men really care and prioritize their physical wellbeing. Marketing to men is about connecting the dots on how healthy skin is just one of the many parts of their overall holistic health. It is about showing them how skincare fits into their existing health routines.

What is the best cleanser to use post workout (and why do you need to do that)? What morning routine can help you wake up better after a poor night of sleep (and what dark circles are really telling you about your blood flow)?

Marketing to men is about connecting skin to their holistic health and educating them on why it is important…

4. Why Education is the Answer

Simply put, most men don’t care because more men don’t know. Take the opposite: look at your existing male clients that do understand skin. They probably care MORE than your female clients about their skin. It is the education that makes a difference.

As an esthetician, you have the unique opportunity to introduce men to a new, healthy way of living. Educate them on this one facet of health and how it impacts the entire rest of their body. Why? Because…

5. You Cannot have Healthy Skin without a Healthy Body

Ok, we already knew this one. But why is the entire skincare industry still trying to convince us otherwise? Year after year, brands introduce new serum after new serum to make you think that the product we put on our faces is enough for healthy skin.

But what about the fact that our skin is an organ? Why is no one acknowledging that skin as an organ is directly impacted by what we put in our bodies, our activity and stress levels, our quality of sleep, and so much more? Only when these holistic pillars are working in unison with the right skincare products can your clients see and truly feel what healthy skin means.

What GM Revolution is doing for Estheticians

As an Esthetic Skincare line, GM Revolution is committed to setting up estheticians for success when treating men’s skincare. We have simplified the product line to make it easy to master as a professional in order to even more easily educate your male clients.

We have seen how loyal men are when they find something that works. GM Revolution is the answer you have been looking for to introduce your male clientele to an affordable product line treats the skin from the holistic perspective.

Talk with our team to learn how you can introduce your clients to GM Revolution so that you can expand your client list all while doing what you do best: educating the consumer on what healthy skin really means.

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