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Advanced Training

Your education is our priority. We have created the Advanced School Partnership to support schools in achieving their educational goals and to prepare their students to face the many challenges of the beauty industry. Throughout more than 40 years in business, we have seen how hard it can be for students to start a career once they graduate. With our courses, your instructors will learn how to support the students in every aspect of their future careers, along with advanced training opportunities for both instructors and students.

GM Revolution commits to partnering, never competing!

Anatomy & The Missing Link

Understanding skin from the anatomical point of view is what makes the student an expert in the industry. It is the foundation of their skincare career and what will advance them in their profession. However, the anatomy of skin can be intimidating to the student as well as the instructor.  This is one of the missing links that many estheticians have after graduating.

We will simplify this subject for your instructors so they have the understanding and the tools to teach their students. You can only teach what you know. The better the understanding, the better the teacher!

Retailing & Marketing

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Without a doubt retailing is a weakness in the industry. Now more than ever, providing home care is essential.

It is the goal of the school and the instructor that well-rounded graduates emerge from your skincare program. Learning how to prescribe rather than sell is key to success for any professional. Instructors will learn the “how to’s” of prescribing so they can guide their students in becoming true experts in the skincare field beyond the treatment room.

Professional Skincare

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Understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it is the first step in choosing and using a skincare line. GM Revolution’s holistic skincare line will not only deliver the results your student is looking to achieve but will allow the student to instantly see the changes that occur in the client’s skin. Instructors will receive in-depth information on each product, outlining the use and benefits.

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