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Brendan McGuire

Introducing featured hero and yogi, Brendan McGuire. Brendan was kind enough to join us on our ‘Be The Revolution’ Podcast where he spoke about his journey into the world of yoga. His unique story starts when he was fourteen years old in high school. While most young high school boys are focused on school and sports, Brendan found his own way to excel at both. 

As a lacrosse player, Brendan was looking for ways to take his game to the next level. He stumbled across yoga and fell in love with the practice. Immediately, this new passion gained traction in his personal life and in his outside community. Soon his teammates would be asking what they can do to improve their own game, while he took it upon himself to not only practice yoga but to become a certified instructor as well. Years later, what started as a way to better his athletic abilities has turned into the way he goes about the rest of his life. In the podcast, Brendan mentions three ways to take yoga outside of the studio and into your day to day life. 

First, he says to learn how to breathe. By consciously focusing on your breath, you start to strengthen your mindset and the way you view your surroundings. 

Second, take intentional breaks. We live in a world where we spend hours a day behind a desk and it is important to take time to get up and stretch. Incorporating simple yoga poses in these moments turns a social media break into a healthy and invigorating rest. 

Finally, introduce the word “yet” into your vocabulary. Oftentimes, we proclaim that we are simply unable to do something. For example, Brendan, when he was first learning yoga, could not do a handstand. 

However, by introducing the word “yet,” his mindset shifted to “I can’t do a handstand yet.” This simple shift promotes growth and determination to achieve and learn something new. For more insight on how to introduce the concepts of yoga into your own life, be sure to check out the rest of the conversation on our podcast.

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