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GM Revolution was born with the professional in mind. Our mission is to allow professionals to treat men’s skin with products in the treatment room that deliver results and keep their clients coming back. For the consumer, our promise is professional grade retail products that are the simple necessities of a proper skincare routine.

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Revolutionizing the Men’s Facial

Finally the professional men’s skincare line you have been searching for. GM Revolution’s holistic skincare line is the ultimate answer for men’s facials in the treatment room. 

Don’t believe us? Check out this video on our Signature Men’s Facial to see the products in action!

Results that keep your clients coming back for more

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The GM Revolution Promise
– Reduce fine lines
– Improve skin tone
– Exfoliate while hydrating
– Treating skin as our body’s largest organ
– Remove toxins
– Deliver results

Professional Services to Pair with GM Revolution

Acne Facial

With naturally derived ingredients, GM Revolution products were formulated to treat acneic skin.

Moisture Treatment

GM Revolution products penetrate deep into the skin for lasting hydration.

High Frequency

GM Revolution products can be paired with High Frequency to enhance the results even further.

Giving Your Clients Something to Smile About
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Seeing a satisfied client is what makes the job of the professional so fulfilling. That’s why we say that GM Revolution is not changing the world, but it is changing people. And people can change the world.

We are committed to empowering you one face, one smile at a time. 

New to the Revolution? 

See what some familiar faces have to say!


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GINAMARIE Celebrates 42 Years and Launches a Men’s Line

I believe that we should normalize men’s skincare. Using products by GM Revolution like the Purifying Mask has made my skin feel so – REFRESHED!”


~ Paul

GM Revolution had a great influence on my daily routine. Now taking care of my skin has become a necessity. My skin feels healthy and so do I. Thank you GM Revolution

~ Muhammad

Each product delivers immediate results (literally within seconds) and that is why I start and end my days with GM Revolution.

~ Matt

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