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Introducing featured hero and Master Esthetician, Lashelle Ullie. Lashelle was kind enough to join us on the Be the Revolution podcast where he shared with us the story of how he got into the beauty industry along with his personal mission to educate men on skin health. 


Growing up, Lashelle’s grandmother instilled in him the belief that there is power in the way you present yourself. Having always valued his appearance, Lashelle is now applying that same principle to skin health awareness. 


So, why should a man take care of his skin? According to Lashelle, skin care is self care. He mentions that there is an increasing need for institutions dedicated to men taking care of their mind and body. When a man is taking care of his skin, he is not only relaxing in a way previously foreign to men, but is taking care of the largest organ in his body. Lashelle says that while a man is more likely to spend time in a gym, you cannot have a healthy body without healthy skin. In order to provide a holistic approach to health, Lashelle focuses his efforts in educating men on proper skin hygiene.


To him, “it’s more than just a grooming treatment — I lead men toward a new perspective and awareness of the benefits of skin health and personal care as a vital part of their well-being and lifestyle.” Based in Beverly Hills, Lashelle is a thought leader in the men’s skincare industry, but he says that his concepts of men’s skincare are re-emerging as opposed to being discovered for the first time.


Lashelle recalls classic barbershops in the United States as a symbol of culture, but also as a symbol of men’s skincare awareness. He sees the future of men’s skincare as a regression to similar environments where a man can relax and be taken care of the way his skin was meant to be.


For more information, be sure to listen to the full conversation with Lashelle on the Be the Revolution podcast. Also, for anyone out in California, be sure to give Lashelle’s Gentlemen’s Skin Engineering Treating a try here, you can thank me later.

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