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Matt Sheldon

Introducing CEO and entrepreneur, Matt Sheldon. Matt, a recent graduate of Holy Cross College, has chosen the nontraditional career path of being an entrepreneur and a self-starter. His story dates back to his early days in college where he and his business partner began building websites for local businesses in the Notre Dame area. Often selling for way below competition price, this was Matt’s first taste of what it meant to be an entrepreneur. 


A few years later, he started his second business called Touchdown Tailgates which served as a high-end corporate tailgate experience. He references the importance of networking and the ability to just try something and put ideas into action in order to get started. This idea has since transformed into a pre-event hospitality business, Exclusive Event Experiences where he continues to create unique and personal experiences for his customers.


Along the way, Matt credits his ability to learn from failure that has helped him find success. By pushing his boundaries and delivering the most possible value to his clients to ensure a great experience, there have been bumps in the road. However, Matt looks back on these moments as the opportunity to reflect and innovate on how to be even better. 


Being a young entrepreneur in a world where financial security is often sought after, Matt exemplifies exactly what it means to be a featured hero for GM Revolution. Revolutions take many forms, but we commend anyone who is willing to break the norm and chase after the life he wants to create. To learn more about Matt Sheldon, take a listen to our conversation on the Be the Revolution Podcast. And if you’re looking for a unique experience, check out Exclusive Experience to see what Matt and his company can do for you!

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