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A series that brings you weekly content of inspirational stories from everyday heroes in the community. We are highlighting individuals who are taking a stand and starting a revolution in the world.


  • The Past, The Future, and Living in the Present
    Be the Revolution Podcast presents a mini episode on a morning reflection worth sharing.
  • On the Road Series Episode 1
    This episode is a little different. I took the Be the Revolution Podcast on the road with two hours of silence alone with my thoughts. This free flowing episode is a synthesis of my thoughts on the things we consume, self-awareness, masculinity, and learning how to wait.
  • Mental Wellbeing for You and Your Clients
    In this episode, esthetician, Ashley Gonsch joins the podcast to talk about how she prioritizes mental health for her clients. Listen for her thoughts on mental health and wellness in and out of the treatment room for you and your clients.
  • All Things Health with Sam Gegen
    Sam Gegen joins the podcast to share his story and passion for physical and mental health. From morning routines to workout routines, we discuss all things well being.
  • Normalizing Men's Skincare with Lashelle Ullie
    On today's episode, I am joined by Lashelle Ullie, a master esthetician based out of Beverly Hills. He shares his insights on the importance of men prioritizing the health of their skin while telling his inspiring journey in the beauty industry.
  • How Yoga Changed My Life with Brendan McGuire
    Brendan McGuire joins the podcast to share his story of how becoming a yoga instructor has changed his life both in and out of the yoga studio. Brendan shares three ways you can incorporate yoga in your daily life to promote self-awareness and mental health.
  • Being a Young Entrepreneur with Matt Sheldon
    Entrepreneur, Matt Sheldon joins the podcast to share his story of starting four different companies by the time he was a year out of college. We discuss the early days of a startup, the lessons that come along with failure, and the need to constantly innovate in a dynamic world.
  • The Vision
    Here we go! GM Revolution is excited to be starting this podcast featuring guest heroes that are revolutionizing their worlds every day. In this pilot episode, host, Michael McGuire, introduces the series and shares his vision of the podcast going forward!
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