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The Modern Man: Age Management Treatments & Techniques to Know

The Modern Man: Age Management Treatments & Techniques to Know Aging is a blessing. With age comes wisdom, experience, and oftentimes, stories of those youthful days that are told to whoever is willing to listen. Unfortunately, with this also comes physical aging. For many men, looking in the mirror is confronting the physical reality of their age. As men mature, they may start to notice their face and skin showing signs of aging. Antiaging solutions are amongst the most sought-after treatments for both men and women and before knowing how to care for aging skin, one must first understand why skin ages in the first place. WHY SKIN AGES The two components of skin that impact aging are collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein which aids the body’s connective tissue, hair, skin, and nails. It gives skin its firmness. Elastin is what keeps the skin tight and allows it to snap back if stretched. During youth, both collagen and elastin are in abundance which is why babies can smile without a laugh line appearing. When it comes to collagen, a bonus for men is that they have a higher collagen density than women. Their skin is structurally thicker and tougher. However, as men age, the collagen and elastin begin to break down due to numerous reasons: toxin and pressure sun damage free radicals stress All of these are reasons why a man’s skin ages, and while none of them are entirely avoidable, men can certainly manage these causes to slow the physical aging process down. When it comes to skin’s collagen and elastin, the most common cause of breakdown is due to overexposure to the sun. Men are not to use sunscreen or reapply as often as they should. Managing the direct exposure to the sun with proper sunscreen and apparel will positively affect the health of their skin. Furthermore, the toxins and pressure that men expose themselves to in their daily lives has a strong impact on aging skin. These toxins include everything from the food they eat to the air they breathe. It is important to remember that one’s skin is merely a reflection of the health of the rest of the body. By maintaining a proper diet, exercising, sleeping well, and managing stress, men can begin proactively caring for their skin and slow the aging process. But what about managing premature aging that is already showing? HOW TO REVERSE AGING FOR MEN The good news is that the demand for men’s skin care services has never been higher. Men are starting to pay attention to their skins’ appearances and are looking for ways to treat the health of their skin. The best treatment for men certainly exists in the treatment room. Oftentimes, spas will have a dedicated facial treatment labeled and marketed as an antiaging facial or even more specifically as a men’s facials. These facials should be using antioxidant ingredients that work to increase circulation in the skin, even skin tone, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. By receiving regular antiaging facial treatments, men can start to reverse those signs of aging. Strictly relying on more advanced treatments without supplemental homecare is equivalent to putting a bandage on the bigger issue. While professional treatments are a great way to treat men’s premature aging skin, men need to continue the work outside of the treatment room instead of relying on it. This can be done by prioritizing holistic healthcare as mentioned above, but men should also prioritize the products they are using on their skin. Proper homecare is essential for age management, and it comes down to the basic reasons why men age differently than women in the first place. Typically, men look younger from the eyes down and they have less lines. This is because when men shave daily, they are exfoliating that outer layer of dead skin cell build-up. Exfoliation is critical for age management. However, exfoliation should be gentle and never abrasive. Men are more likely to age quicker around the eyes and forehead due to sun damage, products they use, and not routinely exfoliating as they do with their razor daily. This is when one starts to see deep forehead wrinkles and lines under and around the eyes. Homecare is a great way to combat these signs of aging.   PROPER HOMECARE FOR MEN When it comes to a skin care routine dedicated to reversing aging, the building block of that regimen starts with a proper cleanser. A water-based, pH balanced cleanser should be used daily to gently exfoliate the entirety of a man’s face. While this may seem like basic knowledge, men are still lacking education for proper skin care and it is the opportunity of the professional to guide them to best practices. Secondly, antiaging face serums and moisturizers have incredible properties, such as bakuchiol, niacin, and peptides can slow the aging process. Lastly, if a man is unlikely to get in the treatment room, at-home masks are a great introduction into a more advanced exfoliation. While everyone looks forward to living a long life, wrinkles are not needed nor wanted to prove the attained wisdom that comes with age. This simple routine paired with a holistic healthy lifestyle is a great first step to prevent and manage aging skin. Published on

Professional Skincare for Barbers

Professional Skincare for Barbers The barber industry is at a crossroads. Somewhere between innovation and tradition, the barber experience is changing. This spectrum ranges from having a cold beer with a haircut to plenty of men cutting their own hair due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  With all of the restrictions placed on the service industry, people are desperate to sit down in the chair with their favorite barber just like old times. However, the barber industry could be changed forever; that is, if you are looking to revolutionize it entirely. Personally, this past year has left me forgetting how good customer service can feel. For men, barbershops are the epitome of what good customer service can look like. Men typically do not have many one on one close interactions with other men where they can open up about their lives. But something changes when they sit down in the chair and the razors start buzzing. I don’t know… maybe it’s something they put in the Barbicide that makes men more willing to share personal information, but it is certainly true that most men look forward to chopping it up with their barber (pun intended).  With the service industry struggling in the past year, barbers are faced with a very unique opportunity. This is the opportunity to go above and beyond customer expectations when they get back in the chair. Going back to the fact that men are more willing to open up to their barber than some are to their wives, barbers are situated to be more than just a professional in the hair world, but as a holistic health guide as well. Why is this? Simply put, men lack education when it comes to their health.  Barbers as Educators Need proof of this? Just picture a typical woman’s bathroom compared to a man’s. While yes there is an oversaturation of products for women, there is clearly a difference in the education. This gap is where barbers come in.  The bridge between education and customer service is a great opportunity to introduce men to other services outside of hair care. In particular, the most natural fit is to introduce men into proper skin hygiene. Since barbers are already beard experts, it only makes sense to continue up the rest of the face. This is a chance to introduce men to proper cleansers at the beginning of a treatment as well as offering basic mask treatments or beard facials. The best part about these services is that they naturally fit into what barbers are already doing.  Barber + Skincare Treatment Start with a 30 second facial cleanse Haircut Beard (if applicable) and face facial Trim beard Moisturize beard and face and provide anti-aging solutions to the face It’s that simple. And most men are going to feel like they are in paradise getting a full treatment like this. While men are still more hesitant to go to a spa and receive a facial treatment, a barber giving a basic facial feels entirely normal and men will absolutely love it. Men come to a barber to walk out feeling good about themselves. Introducing skincare into barbering services helps men leave with good looking hair and healthy skin from the one person they trust most. With the rising demand for men’s skincare in the beauty industry, barbers are best situated to capitalize on this as skin services can easily integrate into what the shop is already doing.

Modifying Menus: Spa Treatments for Men

The emerging trend of men’s skin care has been a hot topic in the beauty industry for the past few years. In fact, it can be said that men’s skin care is no longer emerging but rather, is here (and here to stay). While most, and certainly the best, products should be applicable to both men’s and women’s skin, it is apparent that the relative brands are marketing very differently towards each target customer. DISPARITY & TYPES If the products work for both markets, why is there such a disparity? Simply put, men and women respond differently to the way products and services are marketed and delivered. If this is true for products, it is certainly true for spa treatments and services as well. This article will be focusing on how aestheticians can revolutionize the way men experience the treatment room for the new market that has been knocking at the door for quite some time. In order to customize the spa treatment room, first, think about why men are getting treatments in the first place. Now every man is different, but there are a few common themes seen in male clientele. First is the “escapee.” This is a man that has a fast-paced lifestyle and not only comes to the spa for a skin treatment but also as a relaxing escape from his crazy life. Second is the “modern man.” Quite opposite from the escapee, the modern man is looking for a quick facial treatment, not as an opportunity to relax as much as he needs to look good, feel good, and get back to work. Finally, there is the “anti-ager.” This is a man that is going to do everything he can to keep his skin looking young and healthy and is probably in a career in which he needs to always look his best. When it comes to serving male clientele, skin care professionals need to first identify which archetype the client is and accommodate services accordingly. Once the skin care professional understands why a man is coming to the spa in the first place, the skin care professional needs to be able to best serve the client’s particular needs in the treatment room. In order to properly gauge who the client is, it is always best to start with a skin consultation that goes beyond skin concerns and touches on the fundamental reasons why he came to the spa. FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING OF CLIENTS Let us start with the “escapee.” When thinking of the escapee, think about how to maximize every part of his spa experience because he is looking for the works. Therefore, it is the professional’s job to exceed his expectations because he chose the spa over the golf course and the like. Start with the little things. This could be a hot towel upon his entrance or a complimentary face massage before or after the treatment. The opportunity for creativity at this point is endless. Remember that most men are not used to being pampered. Let us use this to the spa’s advantage and show them what it is all about. Secondly, there is the “modern man” who is looking for a quick confidence boost in order to look good and feel even better. The key theme to focus on is maximizing results in a shorter window of time. This type of man most likely does not have time for the full package but is still going to demand exceptional results. This is also an opportunity to introduce male clientele to a proper at-home routine. The beautiful part about serving the “modern man” is that when delivering exceptional results, he is going to come to the spa for the full package when he has the time. Finally, the “antiager” is a hybrid of the two other archetypes. This man is going to be the most passionate about the results of the service, while also demanding the whole package as well. This is a good opportunity to introduce new treatments and products that can help him advance his own routines. Ultimately, the first step to customizing the treatment room for men is to know why they are there in the first place. Once a skin care professional understands the reason, they can deliver exactly what he is looking for and cater the spa experience to meet those needs. Published in Dermascope

Men’s Mental Health and Search for Wellness

Men’s Mental Health and Search for Wellness Last week I wrote a blog on the top men’s skincare trends to look out for in 2021. While the trends in that skincare blog were important, there is an even more important men’s trend on the horizon: mental health and wellness. I can guarantee that throughout this year, you will continue to hear brands promoting wellness. The purpose for this week’s blog is to outline what wellness means and how to prioritize it in our lives. So what is mental health and wellness? In order to understand what mental health and wellness is, I want to start with clarifying what wellness is not. A lot of the time when we hear the word wellness, we think of a yoga, zen-like state of mind that is only achievable with deep meditation. It’s not. Wellness is also not a repost on Instagram of a positive picture. Even further, wellness is not striving to get perfect, clean looking skin.  As people continue to broadcast their lives for the world to see them, there is a desire to promote only the best of their lives. While a lot of these posts do show off moments when we were “happy,” a lot of energy is spent in validating future happiness by what others may think of us when they see that post of a beautiful beach vacation. In fact, a lot of energy is spent in general of trying to validate our own happiness through others’ eyes. This goes deeper than social media. When you think of a man’s stereotypical goals in life, it follows somewhere along the lines of a high paying job, a big house, and a family to live under it. Most men do not think to put “happiness” or “mental health” on their bucket list.  How to find wellness in our everyday lives If I have learned one thing from 2020, it is that “happiness” is not an end result. Rather, happiness and wellness are opportunities to extract from life’s every moment. All we have to do is find the right tools to get us there. For the sake of this blog, let’s call these tools our “wellness sparks.” These sparks are those moments in life when everything just feels right. For me personally, it could be standing on the tee box with my closest friends or reading a good book in a small coffee shop.  The concept of mental health and wellness is to identify these sparks. I suggest you keep a running list on your phone of those small moments when everything in life seemed beautiful. The more we identify these moments, we not only appreciate them for what they are, but they also provide a way to retrace our steps when things are not so pretty. This year, I encourage you to chase your sparks and fill life’s moments with more of them. 

Top Men’s Skincare Trends in 2021

For quite some time, men’s skincare has been an emerging trend in the beauty industry. Although we are yet to see men’s skincare universally take off, more and more men are being introduced to skincare and the reasons why men should take care of the health of their skin. As we look towards a new year, let’s dive into the top five men’s skincare trends in 2021.  Top Five Men’s Skincare Trends in 2021 Beard Care and Shaving Luxury Cleansers Home Care Anti-Aging Solutions Skincare as Masculine   Beard Care and Shaving The men’s skincare trend of beard care and shaving will always be a yearly trend. Why? Let’s be honest… men care about their facial hair. Whether they are growing it out and coming out of quarantine looking more like a Viking than their previous self, or for the life of them cannot get their beard and mustache to connect, I promise you that men are checking out their facial hair every time they look in the mirror.  As we have seen year after year, the men’s beard care market becomes more and more saturated with products that guarantee to give you the facial hair you have always wanted. And who can blame them? After all, what man doesn’t want the option to pull off a wild beard on the weekends or a clean-cut look for the Monday morning work Zoom call? GM Revolution took the concept of a man’s moisturizer and formulated an incredible beard conditioner. This Vitamin E infused men’s moisturizer makes sure to keep your beard shining but also works hard to heal the skin underneath as well.  Luxury Cleansers The words “luxury” and “men’s skincare” have been kept apart for much of… well, the entire history of the world. Social media is infested with poking fun at men for using shampoo or hand wash to clean their face. While we will say that a man washing his face with anything is a step in the right direction, men are certainly becoming aware of the benefits of a proper face cleanser. So what are the benefits of a cleanser that is worth spending money on for a man? Benefits of a Men’s Cleanser Exfoliating and cleansing the pores of toxins Hydrates the skin Clears skin that is acne-prone Works for wet shaving For many men, using a proper men’s cleanser is the first step in getting introduced to skincare. At GM Revolution, we say that our Signature Cleanser is the building block to a proper skincare routine for men. It is important for men to cleanse their skin in the morning and at night in order to remove the sweat and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Check out our Signature Cleanser here! Home Care If it was not for men’s facial hair, home care products for men may be the biggest trend to look out for in 2021. For many of us this past year, we have not spent this much time in our homes since we were infants. Furthermore, traditionally men have been less likely to go to a salon or spa to get a facial. The emphasis of skin treatments at home is going to be even more inviting for men. Ladies I am talking to you. Need something to do on a Friday night but stuck inside? Check out our men’s Purifying Mask and thank us later for the relaxing spa night with your man.  Anti-Aging Solutions “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”… and aging skin. It is a fact of life that as we age, our skin ages as well. Whether it is due to sun exposure or improper skin hygiene, a man’s skin is going to age eventually. Fortunately, we can make those wrinkles and deep lines on a man lessen.  Interestingly enough, men’s skin ages significantly differently than women’s. Why? You could have guessed it… facial hair. Yes everything comes back to this number one trend. When men shave, they gently remove dead skin cell build-up. Shaving is an excellent form of exfoliation that causes men to age slower from the eyes down. On the other hand, we typically see men’s forehead and around their eyes to form deep wrinkles as they age due to the products that they use. Many skincare products create build-up on the skin, as they just lay on the top layer, and in turn, creating fine lines to look deeper and skin tone mottled. The good news is that we can slow this process down and the sooner men start, the easier the anti-aging process will be. At GM Revolution, we like to maintain skin as opposed to treating it after the problem exists. That is why routine is so important and will pay dividends for years to come. Check out our Anti-Aging Serum and let us know how immediate the results were for you! Skincare as Masculine One trend that has nothing to do with the best men’s skincare products, in particular, is the evolving concept of masculinity. For some reason, it was not “manly” to take care of your body’s largest organ: your skin. Fortunately, as more men are educated on the importance of men’s skin hygiene, more men are focusing on results-driven skincare.  Along with the concept of masculinity comes the emphasis on men’s mental health and wellness. Historically men have been prone to bottle up emotions and sweep issues under the rug. This year I challenge all the men out there reading this to check in with yourself regularly and start to prioritize wellness in every aspect of your lives. For more of GM Revolution’s thoughts on masculinity check out this full article!  

GM Revolution Joins the Fight Against Men’s Cancer

When we think of November, our first thoughts maybe those of family gatherings. We picture good food and faint Christmas music in the background. Lately, a new connotation has found its way into the scene of the holidays. Now, we think of men growing out their facial hair through various “No Shave November” movements. November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. GM Revolution is proud to partner with ZERO Cancer in order to join the fight against men’s cancer.  GM Revolution is no stranger to starting unpopular conversations amongst men. Talking about redefining masculinity in today’s world and encouraging men to talk about their personal health have traditionally been swept under the rug. Unfortunately, the numbers do not lie and prostate cancer is a very serious problem. Every 16 minutes another American man dies from prostate cancer. Every 16 minutes. 1 in 9 American men will have prostate cancer during their lifetime. Furthermore, 3.1 million men are currently living with prostate cancer in the United States. While these numbers may be alarming, the good news is that early detection is saving lives every day. ZERO is helping by spreading men’s health awareness. ZERO first started as a response to the work done in the women’s health space, particularly in regards to breast cancer. The positive response and awareness amazed the founders of ZERO. They first started as a government advocacy organization that helped launch the Department of Defense’s Prostate Cancer Research Program. There has been significant progress on the federal level. ZERO has molded into more on-the-ground support for men and families that are directly affected by prostate cancer. Over the course of November, GM Revolution is advocating for the work that ZERO has done. So far, GM Revolution has already donated $1000 worth of products for competition giveaways. GM Revolution is also incredibly proud to announce that 25% of all sales during the entire month of November will go to ZERO.  For more information on men’s health and ZERO, check out their site here. GM Revolution is founded on the principles of empowering those that are starting positive revolutions in their communities. We look forward to growing this partnership with ZERO for many years to come! #ZEROstrong #BETHEREVOLUTION

Masculinity: There’s Another Way

When I imagine what a man should be, my first instinct is to picture one of Ernest Hemingway’s characters: the definition of a man’s man. Hemingway’s characters portrayed what he defined as courage and bravery, whether it was battling a giant fish or fighting a bull at the festival of San Fermin. Men were supposed to be tough. To him, men should never let emotions guide their principles. Take this quote from him for example:   It is not bad. And pain does not matter to a man.   To Hemingway, the very concept of life was that living was an aggressive act. To live was to be in constant battle. Now, this resonated with many men, especially those in the post-war 1920s that found it best to bottle up their emotions. And then it happened again after World War II– the best way to deal with PTSD? Don’t talk about it. You’re supposed to be tough.    This glorification certainly appeals to a lot of men. Personally, I enjoyed reading Hemingway’s work. However, there is one small issue: Hemingway himself suffered greatly from mental illness and eventually ended his own life. While one can analyze this tragic end, I will never know what it must have felt like to have participated and lived through two of the most horrific wars this Earth has ever seen. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the benefits of the concept of masculinity shifting in nature.    A Shift in Masculinity The first shift starts with expressing emotion. Thankfully, there has been a massive push for awareness of mental health, especially for men. While past generations saw a man’s emotions as a sign of weakness, it is now an act of courage to seek help. There have been great strides in the acceptance of men dealing properly with emotions, overall creating more self-awareness. We hear the term “toxic masculinity” thrown out a lot. At the end of the day, I want to show men that their own mindset can hold them back from exploring life. Life is not a battle, but rather an experience. Emotions are meant to be felt. Life is meant to be lived. I want to show men that there is another way. And this is where the concept of self-care comes into play.    If the first shift is embracing emotion and self-awareness, the second shift is the concept of self-care. Many men are prone to take care of their bodies in the gym. They try to become the “strong and tough” men they are supposed to be. However, men are still less likely to take proper care of the rest of their bodies. One huge reason is the lack of education. Men are inundated with advertisements that say hygiene should be cheap. Furthermore, most men would not be caught dead using a facial mask.     You see, the problem with this advertisement is that it portrays self-care as extrinsic motivation. Men need to be clean so that women will like them. The reality of taking proper care of your body is that it should be intrinsically beneficial. When we take care of ourselves properly, we boost our own self-esteem. Also, we are taking care of our bodies from a health perspective. A man can go to the gym five days a week, but he will never have a healthy body if he does not have healthy skin. Once again, I want to show men that there is another way when it comes to skincare.   There Is Another Way Men’s skincare is still widely considered “overly feminine” or is seen as “pampering.” It is GM Revolution’s mission to educate men on the benefits of taking care of their skin as an organ in order to prevent skin damage and premature aging. But aside from the physical benefits, “pampering” yourself is really just about taking care of yourself and giving your body the love it deserves. We have heard from countless men that use our products that they are able to relax in a way that most men have never experienced. When we intentionally take care of ourselves, we are taking strides to get in touch with our self-awareness and dedicate time for self-improvement. Ultimately, self-care is a journey on improving the way we live and the way we experience life. So, for all the men reading this, I will not shame you, but when you look at the 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in your shower tonight, I want you to remember: “there is another way.”

Three Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin Outside of Your Products

So you started a new skincare routine and are wondering what else you can do to take your skin to the next level. Maybe you are hesitant about starting a routine and want to take a more lifestyle approach to heal your skin. Either way, this blog is here to guide you on what you can do outside of your regular skincare routine to strengthen and heal your skin.   1. Protect Your Skin from the Sun I get it– it’s summer. If you’re like me, summer is the best season of the year. Spring in the Midwest is too rainy, and fall lasts maybe two weeks before we zip up the winter coats. By the time summer comes around, you’re itching to soak up everything the good weather has to offer. But with the summer heat, comes the number one harmful agent against your skin: sun damage.   Sun damage is a tricky topic. Our skin craves vitamin D that the sun offers. However, too much exposure to the sun can result in some life-long effects. The most well-known impact is the risk of skin cancer. Even in less threatening cases, sun damage can seriously impact the health of the skin. Sure, there’s nothing better than laying out on the beach. But, we put ourselves at risk for premature aging, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and difficulty healing problematic skin not only on our face but everywhere on our body.    The best part? We can protect ourselves from ever seeing these effects of sun damage. By applying ~and reapplying!!!~ a natural sunscreen (look for products heavy in zinc), we minimize the risk our skin faces in the summer heat. Now, people with fair skin may be reading this thinking “trust me, we know.” But, even those with darker skin tones need to apply sunscreen. You are still at risk for skin cancer and premature aging even if you do not get “burned”. So, next time you’re ready to hit the beach, go for a run, or go golfing, remember that taking thirty seconds to apply sunscreen beforehand will keep your skin looking healthy.   2. Drink Water This one seems obvious, right? But how many times have you gone through a day only to realize you’ve only had one or two cups of water? There are so many benefits to drinking water. This includes hydration, better digestion, increased blood flow, and heightened brain activity. Most importantly, drinking more water leads to healthier, cleaner skin.   By drinking more water, we are able to flush out all of the toxins from our system. This includes the toxins that lead to breakouts. Water assists in fighting bacteria. There’s a reason so many “water challenges” promote drinking up to a gallon of water every day. When consume that much water, our body automatically rids us of any excess toxins.    Not only does water flush out toxins, but it also keeps our skin hydrated. If you are someone who already suffers from dry skin, not drinking enough water throughout the day will only compound your skin’s reaction. After all, how can your skin stay hydrated if the rest of your body is not?   3. Exercise (with caution) This one sums up pretty much everything we have already talked about. When we exercise, we get that blood flowing through our veins. It is important to remember that blood flow is the number one way that we can heal the skin. When we increase circulation within our skin, the blood carries away all of those toxins and brings nourishment to our skin.   When we exercise, we sweat out those toxins through 2800 openings (pores) per square inch of skin. With that being said, here is the caution. Yes, it is great to sweat and release those toxins through our skin. But, we don’t want that sweat to remain on our skin after a workout. When we workout, it is important to properly cleanse our face and body afterward ensuring that those thousands of openings are clean and free from bacteria helping us avoid skin issues such as blackheads, breakouts, or in general just problematic skin.   All in all, exercising is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. So much research has gone into the psychological benefits of working out. At the end of the day, anything that increases blood flow while reducing stress is bound to be great for the health of our skin!

Create A Skincare Routine

How to Create a Skincare Routine: A quick guide to daily skincare When it comes to knowing how to take care of a man’s skin, the only thing more important than using the right skincare products is knowing how to use them. Here is a quick guide on how to create a skincare routine. Developing a system is the first step to achieving consistent results that lead to healthy skin. So where do we start? 1. The Signature Cleanser The most fundamental part of a man’s skincare routine is his cleanser. Multi-purposed, the cleanser is the first step to starting the day. Using the cleanser first thing in the morning hydrates and exfoliates your face, giving it that clean, stimulating look. We suggest using our signature cleanser which is water-based and formulated for all skin types. This cleanser is also great for wet shaving, making it a truly dynamic and must-have part of a man’s skincare routine. 2. The Moisturizer The second step in the morning routine is moisturizing the skin. Using a men’s moisturizer is a great way to ensure that your skin stays hydrated all day. Once again, this product is multi-purposed, making it great to use as a beard conditioner as well. If you are someone who struggles with dry or sensitive skin, the moisturizer keeps your skin looking fresh all throughout the day. Not only does this moisturizer keep the skin hydrated, but it also works hard to diminish fine lines and scarring.   3. The Hyaluronic Acid The final step in the morning routine is hyaluronic acid. Once you have cleansed and moisturized, you’re ready for that extra boost of confidence to take on the day. The hyaluronic acid is a powerful product that delivers immediate results when it comes to diminishing fine lines and evening skin tone, especially around the eyes. If you are new to a skincare routine or are looking for that one product to take yours to the next level, the hyaluronic acid is a great way to deliver the results you want to go conquer the rest of your day. 4. The Signature Cleanser (… yes again!) Once again, every man’s skincare routine must start with a cleanser. Think of it like painting a wall; you have to prime the wall before you can apply anything else. That is exactly what we are doing, especially at night. Using the cleanser at night cleans your skin of all the dirt and oil that has accumulated throughout the day. Acquiring a little sweat is a great sign of some hard work, but we don’t necessarily want that to stay on our skin overnight. 5. The Anti-Aging Serum The final step in the evening routine is the anti-aging serum. Similar to the hyaluronic acid, the anti-aging serum stimulates the skin, increases skin’s overall resilience, deeply hydrates and nourishes while helping to reverse and correct sun damage. This serum’s results are immediate, giving you that fuller, younger skin that is full of energy. Once you apply the serum, you have officially closed a day of hard work. The best part about a routine? You get to wake up and do it all over again. The Purifying Mask (An extra boost to do weekly to add to your daily skincare routine) Once our skin is clean, it’s time to take it to the next level. The cleanser is great for removing that sweat and dirt from the surface of our face, but we can go deeper. Once a week it’s best to go with a face mask. Less is more. The purifying mask is a charcoal-based mask that extracts from our pores all of that hard work from a long day. What is unique about this mask is that it drives to purify the skin with activated charcoal while also hydrating the skin with avocado oil, making it a great multi-purpose product. For more tips on how to cultivate a great skincare routine for your skin type visit our sister company‘s blog for more advice

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